Postdoctoral Fellow


Smit Vasquez Caballero is a postdoctoral fellow at the Future Oceans Lab at the University of Vigo. Smit holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from Southern Oregon University, M.S. in Agriculture and Resource Economics, and a Ph.D. in Applied Economics from Oregon State University (OSU.) Smit’s main areas of research are Natural Resource Economics, Applied Microeconomics, and Applied Econometrics. At Oregon State University, Smit developed a model of fishermen fishery participation and location choice behavior for the U.S. West Coast salmon fishery, a research funded by the LMRCSC NOAA program. As Latin American and Caribbean Environmental Economics Fellow, Smit has carried out fieldwork in the Upper Gulf of California, Mexico. His teaching experience includes introductory economics courses at Southern Oregon University and teaching assistant duties for graduate classes at Oregon State University. At the Future Oceans Lab, Smit is developing spatially explicit bioeconomic models that allow evaluating the impacts of climate change and adaptation under different management systems, such as ITQs, TURFs, and MPA


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