Juan Bueno, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow

Google Scholar

Juan joined University of Vigo in September 2020 as a researcher to work on the FutureMARES project. His main tasks within the project will consist on the coordination of Work Package 5 with Elena Ojea, and the development of a tool for integrating ecological and social research into the assessment of the vulnerability of marine ecosystems and ecosystem services to climate change. Juan began his career at the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (Oceanographic Center of Gijón, Spain) where he worked on theoretical ecology developing physiological models for the developmental time of marine organisms, combining bioenergetics and life history theories. After his PhD defence in 2014 (University of Oviedo, Spain) he broaden his research interest participating in several projects related to ecosystem services and fisheries (CESAM – University of Aveiro, Portugal), fisheries and climate change (IFREMER – Centre de Bretagne, France), and climate change vulnerability assessments of the Portuguese fisheries (CCMAR – University of Algarve, Portugal). Juan has more than 10 years’ experience working on data analysis with R and has participated in multiple oceanographic cruises (MALASPINA, PELGAS, etc.) and international conferences (more recent ones: 6th International Symposium of DEB theory, 4th Climate Change Symposium)