Gscholar, UMC

Elena Ojea is a senior researcher at CIM-University of Vigo currently leading the project CLOCK: Climate Adaptation to shifting stocks, funded by the European Research Council with an ERC Starting Grant. Elena holds an undergrad in Environmental Sciences and a PhD in Economics, and has experience as a post-doc and research fellow at the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3). She was a visiting researcher at the Bren School for Environmental Science and Policy (USA) during 2013, continuing visiting over the following years. There she joined the  sustainable fisheries group  and had the chance to work with experts at UCSB on the set of solutions for sustainable fishery management in many systems that are implemented around the world. To continue this work, Elena joined the University of Vigo in the summer of 2016 and launched the Future Oceans Lab, a Vigo-based research group on marine systems and climate change. She is also be involved in the next IPCC Assessment Report (6AR) as Leading Author for WGII Oceans chapter.


Selected Publications