Project Researcher

Elena Fontán is currently part of the FOL team. She completed a MSc in Oceanography at the University of Vigo in the Climate Change module. During her master thesis, Elena was working on the importance of fisheries and how climate change affects populations in socioeconomic and ecologic terms. She is graduated in Marine Science and joined the inter-university MSc of Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management in Belgium. There she developed her skills at different institutions, including the University, Parliament and research centres like EAWAG, at the Limnological Research Centre in Switzerland. She is a multidisciplinary worker, with experience in marine resources in the private sector, in engineering using Landsat imagery to identify water swamps, and in fisheries working in a project on protecting marine areas. For this she conducted an internship in a European fisheries organization. Her major interest is in climate change and how our world is always adapting itself.

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