Postdoctoral Researcher

Diego Salgueiro holds a PhD in Marine Science, Technology and Management by University of Vigo. His research is on adaptation of artisanal fisheries to Climate Change. Diego has always been amazed by nature, he studied Marine Sciences at the University of Vigo, with student exchange experiences in GEOMAR-Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, Christian-Albrechts_Universität zu Kiel and Autónoma Baja California University. After combining social and educational work he became a Master´s student in Biodiversity, Functions and Management of Ecosystems, in the Basque Country University, where he has collaborated with the University of Santiago de Compostela for his Master’s thesis developing the Ocean Health Index at a regional scale. By getting to know different worldviews, Diego derives his main research questions on environmental conservation, social culture and justice, community projects and participatory governance systems. Focusing on adaptation to climate change allows him to understand how feedbacks between oceans and societies work, and lets him share this knowledge with education programs and outreach too. Diego obtained his PhD in year 2022 and continues to collaborate with FOL eventually since then.

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