Funding Agency: Interreg Med program
Period: January 2024- December 2025 (24 meses)
Principal Investigator: Joaquim Garrabou (CSIC-Instituto de Ciencias del Mar)
Research Team: 9 project partners from Croatia, Cyprus, France, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain- Additionally, 13 Associated Partners will support the project implementation and uptake of results

Climate change is seriously threatening the coastal ecosystems and the services that they provide to our societies in the Mediterranean Sea. As a result, Mediterranean marine ecosystems and human livelihoods that rely on them are being affected.

MPA-4Change aims to enhance the role of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and restoration as nature based solutions for climate change adaptation. The project builds on the success of previous projects such as MPA-Adapt, MPA-Engage and aims to development an Action Plan for Mediterranean MPAs to ensure its long-term sustainability and capacity.

MPA4Change stands for “Enhancing Marine Protected Areas as Nature Based Solutions for adaptation to climate change: from local actions to Mediterranean basin strategy”, and is a network project funded by the EU Interreg-MED program, and coordinated by Dr. Joaquim Garrabou at the Institute of Marine Science (CSIC) in Barcelona. This capacity and transfer project plans to improve capacities of MPAs managers for more effective management. To do that, MPA4Change will perfect the toolkits developed in previous project to support MPAs on climate adaptation and conduct training sessions led by experts with experience in applying this toolkits.

The Future Oceans Lab will contribute with our experience in climate change adaptation in socio-ecological systems, and will be coordinating the tasks for fine tuning of the set of toolkits and training sessions, and leading the task on Carbon footprint assessment to guarantee a low carbon footprint when it is possible. Moreover, FOL will have a key role in the most of the activities within the project.

*Alessandro Beltrame

The overall objective of the MPA4Change project is to enhance the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and restoration as key Nature Based Solution for climate change adaptation by deploying a multi-level approach, from local MPA actions to Mediterranean strategies, to ensure its long-term sustainability and capacity. The project will produce Action Plan for Mediterranean MPAs to ensure its long-term sustainability and resilience to climate change.

To do so, MPA4Change will work on 3 main axis:

1) promote and fine-tune consolidated tools for risk assessment, monitoring, data sharing, restoration, citizen science, participatory approaches and defining adaptation action plans, communication,

2) support the Policy dialogue and coordinate with EU, Mediterranean and Global ICZM/MSP Strategies (e.g., FAO/GFCM, UNEP/MPA, RAC/SPA, UfM), and

3) develop a Roster of experts to fully operationalise the implementation of policies and tools ensuring the long-term sustainability and capacity for adaptation and mitigation to climate change.


You can find more information on MPA4Change website