Future Oceans Around

Future Oceans Around (FOA) is born with the aim of awakening students interest in scientific knowledge and its results. Hot topics on multidisciplinary science that are used in environmental management and everyday decision-making are presented to a group of students. Every topic is plotted as a dynamic game where the students have to participate and apply the different concepts to their own region ad experience.

Future Oceans Around deals with different challenges that are currently debated in science, such as Planetary Boundaries, Ecosystem Services or Vulnerability to climate change. The group brings the ideas to the classroom to show students how scientists around the world tackle global and local environmental problems. The aim is also to illustrate the main concerns in the scientific community regarding sustainability of our planet at the different scales, and to be able to offer local solutions to these global threats.

As second year the high school close to our headquarters in the University of Vigo, IES Val Miñor, embraces this succesfull and fruitful program of seminars. FOA events are held monthly from October to May, and we upload results, pictures and the experiences in the Future Oceans Lab web news.


Future Oceans Around

Topics for the first edition

Research team: Future Oceans Lab

Divulgation materials

Big world map to use as board in the game of "Shifting stocks". With this activity we want children learn about the redistribution of fish in the ocean due to climate change impacts - pdf