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FOL works with experts around the world to achieve research goals.

Prof. Eréndira Aceves Bueno

Assistant Professor, School of Marine & Environmental Affairs (University of Washington). Through her research, Dr. Aceves Bueno aims to find solutions to complex marine resources management problems. Her primary focus is on artisanal fisheries, with the objective of finding arrangements that provide artisanal fishing communities with the appropriate conditions for ecosystem stewardship. Her work is interdisciplinary, implementing novel methodologies from diverse disciplines, including ecology, economics and anthropology. Through a combination of theoretical simulations and empirical methods, she aims to assess the effect that different institutional arrangements have on socio-ecological systems in the face of climate change. She collaborates closely with FOL as member of PhD committee of Alba Aguión, and supporting Xochitl Elias in conducting her thesis research plan, specifically, the implementation of the case study in Mexico within CLOCK project.

Prof. Örjan Bodin

Associate professor, principal researcher at Stockholm Resilience Center. Dr. Bodin combines and integrates methods and theories from several scientific disciplines to develop better understanding of social-ecological systems. He is a member of PhD committee of Diego Salgueiro-Otero who is conducting a PhD research within CLOCK project focused on adaptation of Galician small-scale fisheries to climate change

Prof. Joshua Cinner

Professorial Research Fellow, Chief Investigator and Program 1 Leader at ARC Centre of Ecellence, Coral Reef Studies. His research explores how social, economic, and institutional drivers shape the ways in which people use, perceive, and govern natural resources. Dr. Cinner works closely with ecologists on interdisciplinary research topics such as: defining the conditions that lead to successful governance of marine fisheries; understanding resilience and thresholds in socialecological systems; and examining vulnerability to environmental change. Dr. Cinner is part of PhD committee of Xochitl Elías Ilosvay.

Prof. Christopher Costello

Professor of Environmental and Resource Economics at the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, UC Santa Barbara. His research concerns natural resource management and property rights under uncertainty, with a particular emphasis on information, its value, and its effect on management decisions. His work combines theoretical work from economics with empirical analysis, often to inform policy. His topical interests include fisheries management, biological diversity, introduced species, regulation of polluting industries, and marine policy. He is collaborating with FOL as expert in the advisor board of CLOCK project and as member of PhD committee of Alba Aguión supporting her to develop a bioeconomic model for stalked barnacle (Pollicipes pollicipes) fishery in Galicia to provide insights of the best practices to ensure sustainable resource use now and under climate change.

Prof. Steven D. Gaines

Dean of the Bren School for Environmental Science and Management (UCSB, and Professor of Marine Ecology UC Santa Barbara. His research explores the design of marine reserve networks, climate change impacts on ocean ecosystems, and more sustainable fisheries management using market-based reforms. He has received numerous awards, including a Pew Fellowship, the inaugural Marc Hirshman Award for excellence in student mentoring, election to the American Association for Advancement of Science, and the Peter Benchley Prize for Ocean Science. He is part of advisory board of CLOCK project, and as expert in ecology and climate change, he is supervising the development of research plan of PhD student, Xochitl Elías in which she is evaluating the adaptations of coastal social-ecological systems in hotspots of climate-driven rapid biodiversity changes.


Jorge García Molinos

Associate Professor, Arctic Research Center, Hokkaido University. His main research interests are related to Climate change ecology and conservation biogeography and multiple-stressor and disturbance ecology. Through his research, he aims to understand the way climate change and other human impacts alter nature, from species to ecosystems, and the way we interact with them to promote resilience and adaptation to face future challenges. Dr. García-Molinos supervises together with Elena Ojea PhD candidate, Xochitl Elías, supporting her analysing the hotspots of climate change and evaluating the biodiversity changes found.

Prof. Alistair Hobday

Research Director & Senior Principal Research Scientist in CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere. His research spans a range of topics, including spatial management and migration of large pelagic species, environmental influences on marine species, the impacts of climate change and climate extremes on marine resources, and development and testing of adaptation options for marine conservation, fisheries, and aquaculture. Dr. Hobday is collaborating with FOL as member of PhD committee of Iratxe Rubio who is conducting her thesis focus on adaptation of industrial tuna fisheries to the impacts of climate change.

Prof. María Loureiro

Professor of Economics at USC since 2017. Her fields of research are energy economics, environmental economics, and agricultural economics. Dr. Loureiro is PI of the research group ECO-IURIS. Her group is contained in the catalogue of competitive research groups of Galicia (Spain). She is part of PhD committee of Xochitl Elias.

Dr. Gonzalo Macho

Independent Consultant in fisheries management and marine ecology. His research topics are population dynamics of marine fishing resources, fisheries management and Governance, reform of the EU common fisheries policy, marine socio-ecological systems, fisheries socio-economics and climate change impacts on marine invertebrates. He is cosupervisor together with Elena Ojea of Alba Aguión, and he is collaborating closely with us in some research lines and projects such as ECOMAR and IHH-project .

Prof. Henrique Quiroga

Associate Professor at Universidade de Aveiro. Dr. Quiroga is PI of Coastal and Deep-Ocean Ecology & Conservation group. His research interests are marine ecology, conservation and management of marine protected areas, population connectivity and genetics, biophysical modelling and assessment of production of artisanal shellfish gathering. He takes part of PhD committee of Alba Aguión as expert at population connectivity supporting her assessments of larval dispersal of barnacles to implement the best management plans in fisher guilds.

Dr. Fran Saborido

Research Director of IIM-CSIC. Dr. Saborido coordinated the Fisheries Ecology group of IIM-CSIC. His research topics are about studies of fisheries ecology of marine commercial species (cod, halibut, hake) and other coastal and tropic species with the main goal of achieving a sustainable management of marine resources. Dr. Saborido is part of PhD committee of Iratxe Rubio.

Prof. Sebastian Villasante

Professor (Assistant) at Department of Applied Economics in University of Santiago de Compostela. Dr Sebastian Villasante is interested in understanding the social adaptation, transformations and vulnerabilities of marine social-ecological systems to global change, and examining trade-offs in managing and conserving living marine resources. In particular, Sebastian has been working on the development and application of quantitative and qualitative models to investigate the spatial conflicts of marine uses of different activities (e.g., commercial and recreational fisheries, aquaculture). Sebastian has been collaborating with FOL in ECOMAR project and as PhD committee of Diego Salgueiro-Otero.

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