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European project FutureMARES comes to an end

the FutureMARES consortium will met on June to present the results of their project to policy makers

12/06/2024 -

After four years of intense work, the European H2020 project FutureMARES is coming to an end in August 2024. The project, which analyzed the performance of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) in different socio-ecological contexts across Europe and America, turns the lights out in an event celebrate in the island of Texel (Netherlands) at the end of June, where FOL researchers will participate.

For 4 years, FOL has played a leading role in one of the central work-packages of the project, related to Climate Risk Assessments in the context of the application of NBS. As work-package and task leaders, FOL members, Elena Ojea and Juan Bueno-Pardo, have overseen the development of a common methodology for the different case studies, the production of comparable results, and the production of final outcomes in the form of research papers, policy briefs, or online tools. In this regard, the coordination of more than 30 research groups across Europe and America, supposed a fascinating but also difficult challenge for the FOL team.

Among the main project products led by FOL during these four years, it is worth highlighting the recent work on the use of Climate Risk Assessments to estimate the effectiveness of NBS, published in the renowned journal Global Change Biology.   This work presents a novel methodology of relevance in the field of policy making, where applying two Climate Risk Assessments provides us with information about the risk-decreasing capacity of different marine NBS, opening the door to the design of climate-change-aware policy for adaptation.

Another relevant product is the online NBS-CRA tool designed by FOL members, which can be used to understand the methodology previously described, get the necessary templates, created online visualization of the results, and explore some of the results obtained in the framework of FutureMARES.


All in all, the collaboration with this amazing consortium was a unique experience for the FOL team that will hopefully take place soon again in other similar projects such as ACTNOW. We are looking forward to it!

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