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Improving knowledge on Galician sea urchin fishery for long term sustainability

FOL guides a collaborative network between the fisheries sector and scientific bodies in Galicia to achieve the sustainability of the sea-urchin fishery in the region.

17/08/2023 -

FOL has started to work with MareiraBizi, CIMA, Confrarías de Baiona and Lira, and the Federación galega de confrarías de pescadores on the SOST-Erizo project, which stands for “Sustainable index for Sea Urchin fishery” funded by REDEMAR program from XUNTA de Galicia trough a collaborative agreement between Universidade de Vigo and Xunta de Galicia.  The main goal of SOST-Erizo is to promote the long-term sustainability of the resource providing a sustainability index based on four dimensions (ecological, economic, social and governance).

FOL team led by Elena Ojea as part of this consortia is participating actively in the project, and at this moment, we are focusing our efforts on operationalizing the sustainability index to develop a friendly tool which support fishers to improve the internal management, and control of the fishery while raising awareness about sustainability in the sector.

We want to thank Xunta de Galicia and all consortia for this opportunity and wish a successful research.


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