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Haritz Ayarza joins the FOL team to work as a research assistant

he works in research projects on marine social-ecological systems sustainability.

20/07/2023 -

Haritz Ayarza is a graduate in Marine Sciences and Aquaculture Technician. Over the years, he has specialized in sustainable fisheries management and marine resources management, completing a Master in Sustainable Development Management. During his professional life he has collaborated with scientific centres such as AZTI, where he has studied the contribution of the code of good practice in tropical tuna fishing. Moreover, he has specialized in different fishing consulting companies, he has managed the production and marketing plans of different fishing organizations of Galicia and the Basque Country and he has worked with all the fishing associations of Galicia.

He is a great connoisseur of the fishing sector, its people, fishing gears, species and its problems. Haritz joins the multidisciplinary team of Future Oceans Lab to work as a Research Assistant on research projects regarding marine social-ecological systems sustainability.

In this new stage, Haritz intends to help the FOL team with his experience and knowledge about the sector and he wants to solve the problems that he has observed during his years collaborating with the fishing sector.

Welcome FOL!

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