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FOL participated in the MARE conference in Amsterdam

FOL members Oluwakemi and Xochitl presented their work at the People and the Sea conference on Blue Fear

05/07/2023 -

The MARE conference was held last 26th – 30th of June 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands aimed at exploring ecological, social, and existential anxieties during the Anthropocene. The conference was co-organized by the University of Amsterdam, Wageningen University and Research Center, Aalborg University. Tromso University, Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research, and the University of Gothenburg.

Oluwakemi, a master’s student who currently conducts her research at FOL, presented her results from her ongoing research focused on implementing a climate risk assessment to identify the impact of climate change on small-scale fisheries in Galicia (NW Spain). Her presentation was centered on the gender differences identified across the climate risk assessment domain and how these differences could influence resilience and adaptability.

FOL’s Ph.D. student Xochitl presented the results from her third thesis chapter that are based on the fieldwork she conducted in January-March 2023 at Shikoku Island, Japan. In her research, she tested the extent to which the climate change exposure level is driving small-scale fishers’ responses in the Ehime and Kochi prefectures. Her preliminary analysis results show that adaptive capacity domains such as agency and flexibility are stronger drivers than climate change exposure levels in driving climate change adaptation.

The conference was a great opportunity for the FOL members to present and discuss the preliminary results with field experts from around the world and build new collaborations that can help to bring together new innovative approaches to the new and uncertain challenges brought about by climate change.

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