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Artisanal fisheries expert, Eréndira Aceves-Bueno is visiting us

29/06/2023 -

Dr. Erendira Aceves-Bueno, assistant professor at School of Marine and Environmental Affairs at University of Washington joins FOL during four weeks visit. During her stay, we develop a collaborative agenda for ongoing a future projects on climate adaptation and marine resources management.

We have the opportunity to host Erendira in our group and share with her our research, especially the research our PhD student, Xochitl Elías is developing on climate adaptation in artisanal fishing communities in Nayarit (Mexico), in which Erendira is collaborating with her group. Her work is interdisciplinary, and develops cutting-edge approach from diverse disciplines, including ecology and economics. She intends to evaluate the impact that various institutional arrangements have on socio-ecological systems in the context of climate change by combining theoretical simulations with empirical methodologies. Eréndira is very interested in Galician fisheries and system of TURFs, so, we plan to visit the coastal area and fishing guilds during her weeks with us at the lab.

During her four-week stay, we and Dr. Aceves-Bueno will do research on marine resources management to face impacts expected from climate change.  She will also give a Campus do Mar seminar on social and ecological networks and the resilience of rights-based spatial fisheries management.  Her research experience will allow the team to improve their knowledge and to develop new tools and develop new collaborations with her.

We welcome Eréndira Aceves-Bueno to the lab!

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