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Working together on marine science and innovation for protection and sustainable conservation of Galician marine ecosystem services

Researchers from different institutions meet in Santiago de Compostela within Galician Marine Sciences Programme

04/05/2023 -

Yesterday, the II General Asembly of Galician Marine Science Porgramme took place in Santiago de Compostela.

The asembly aimed to unite the whole vision of the activity and scientific advances in the Work Packages (WPs), visibilize the collaborations established between WPs and the opportunities derived from them, and dynamize the collaborative discussion to identify and promote the new opportunities in the Programme as well.

Future Oceans Lab attended the meeting. It was dynamic and fruitful allowing us to reconize synergies between other WPs which enable us to improve and move forward sucessfully in the climate vulnerability assessment for artisanal fishing in Galicia within WP10 on Marine Economy. Transformative intervention in Galicia’s coastal environment.

From FOL we want to thank all institutions, coordinators and researchers involved in this marine inmense research experience to protect and get sustainable management of marine ecosystem services in Galicia.

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