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Alba Domínguez joins FOL for her Master Thesis

Alba will be working to assess the Risk of Climate Change in Galician artisanal fisheries

12/04/2023 -

Alba Domínguez, student of the joint Master programm in Oceanography, joins Future Oceans Lab for her Master Thesis, under the direction of Elena Ojea and Juan Bueno. She is from the Canary Islands, where she completed a degree in Environmental Science (2021) and where she worked with a scholarship to characterize natural hazards risk in the islands.

Her research will be focused on assessing climate risk for small-scale fisheries in Galicia. She is evaluating social vulnerability of fishermen’s in nine Galician fisher’s guilds taking into account the target species and the kinds of fishing gears used. She will study how sensitive are marine resources selected to changes in sea temperature and show how vulnerable could it be Galician artisanal fisheries to different scenarios of climate change and its ability to adapt.

With this approach, she intends to do a great job for her thesis and contribute to society in terms of understanding how global warming and global change could affect not only ecosystem, but also the local economy.

Welcome FOL!

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