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Oluwakemi an international student delighted to Join FOL for her Master’s thesis

Oluwakemi will work with Elena and Juan to research the impact of climate change on fisheries and small-scale fishers.

14/03/2023 -

Oluwakemi Dada, a student of the Erasmus Mundus joint master program in Marine Environment Resources (MER) is joining the team to conduct her master’s thesis. She is a self-motivated researcher with excellent practical knowledge of Marine resource management, conservation, and sustainability.

Her master’s thesis is focused on Climate risk, and during her research, she will conduct a climate risk assessment (CRA) on Galician small-scale coastal fisheries supervised by Juan Bueno and Elena Ojea. She applies the IPCC risk assessment framework to provide more insight into how climate change affects fish resources and the different fishing groups which depend on these resources.

She is passionate about finding lasting solutions for adapting Aquatic ecosystems to a changing climate. This research will improve her knowledge and allow her to apply her expertise working with marine ecological systems to better manage fish resources in Galicia, her home country Nigeria and other fishing regions.

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