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Diego Salgueiro-Otero, a new Doctor in Climate Change Adaptation

Successful PhD defense by FOL member last February, 2022

24/03/2022 -

Diego Salgueiro Otero, PhD candidate from FOL has successfully defended his dissertation on February 23rd. The PhD work supervised by Dr. Elena Ojea was defended online and the committee of the event was constitute by Dr. Sara Miñarro Villanueva from the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Dr. Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor from the School of Resource and Environmental Management (Simon Fraser University) and Dr. Andrés Marín Ricke from the Centro de Estudios del Desarrollo Regional y Políticas Públicas (Universidad de los Lagos).

The PhD thesis titled “Adaptation of Small-Scale Fisheries to Climate Change” aims a better understanding of climate change adaptation in Fisheries Social-Ecological Systems. To do so, the work begins by building up a framework that explain the mechanisms, levels, factors and potential consequences that compose the adaptation process of fisheries social-ecological systems from a resilience perspective. Next, the investigation analyses more in detail to what extent do we know, do not know and need to know about small-scale fisheries adaptation transdisciplinary. Then, this research tests and demonstrates the framework proposed and novel theories empirically. Finally, the outcomes provided from this work are integrated and listed as recommendations for policy-makers, practitioners and researchers in order to contribute to just, sustainable and desirable fisheries.

During the next months the results are going to be shared and communicated with the Galician SSF guilds that collaborated with the investigation as well as with the Galician Federation of Fisher Guilds that facilitated the development of this project.


Congratulations for your new achievement Diego!

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