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Adaptation of small scale fisheries to climate change in Nayarit, México

Xochitl Elías is conducting her fieldwork for her case study in Nayarit

06/10/2021 -

Xochitl Elías, Ph.D. student at Future Oceans Lab, travelled last August to Mexico, to start the fieldwork for the second chapter of her thesis. For the next three months, she aims at investigating the adaptations of small-scale fishers to the past and ongoing effects of climate change in six locations along the coast of Nayarit. Within this context, she also pursues to understand which adaptive capacity domains drive different types of adaptations. 

Xochitl already had the first contact with the fishing communities and hopes to start her survey in September. The study is being conducted in cooperation with Javier Tovar-Ávila from the national fisheries institute ( INAPESCA from Bahía Banderas) and Eréndira Aceves Bueno  from the University of Washington. The results are expected to contribute to the understanding of climate change adaptation of social-ecological systems to the ongoing effects of climate change and shed some light on the traits of social-ecological systems that enhance or hinder effective climate change adaptation. 

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