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MPA-Engage: Final Vulnerability Assessments results for Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas


30/07/2021 -

On April 22, Francesca Barazzetta, Elena Ojea, Smit Caballero and Juan Bueno Pardo presented to the managers of seven Mediterranean marine protected areas the methodology applied to calculate the final results for the Climate Vulnerability Assessment implemented in these areas within the framework of MPA-Engage project. The results focus on the MPAs socio-ecological and ecological, species, habitats and users vulnerability along with the indicators that contribute the most to the local vulnerability of the assessed areas. The results and information from the Vulnerability Assessment, together with the information provided by the other activities of the project, will be used by local managers to define potential adaptation strategies to face the impacts of climate change.

Additionally, on the first and third week of July, Francesca and Juan attended separate meetings with the managers of Brijuni and Catalunya MPAs to further describe and interpret the results obtained for these specifics MPAs. The specific information carried by the results will be of specific support for managers to provide awareness to local stakeholders by the impacts of climate change and to collaborate with them to develop local strategies to this common threat.

FOL together with the rest of MPA-Engage Team continues working to support and promote the role of Mediterranean MPAs as nature-based solutions for the implementation of adaptation and mitigation actions to confront climate change effects.

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