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Science on stage in Coruña

Alba participated in a popular outreach event where students and teachers share their scientific experiments with the general public

13/05/2021 -

Every year at the beginning of May hundreds of students and teachers gather in the city of Coruña (NW Spain) to share scientific experiments with the general public. The festival is called “Día de la ciencia en la Calle” (Street science day) and for the last 24 years it has been hosted in one of the city parks (Parque de Santa Margarita), where the students make the experiments outdoors to entertain and teach large crowds. However, considering the current health crises the festival was run a little bit different this year: on the stage of a theater.

Saturday 8th May, different primary and secondary schools (and some kindgarden teachers as well!) of Coruña gathered in the Colón Theater to celebrate a different version of the famous outdoors event. Each school had 15 minutes to present their scientific experiments, that ranged from a wide variety of topics: from dances with led lights, colorful chemistry reactions to robots. The PhD student from FOL, Alba Aguión, was on charge of presenting the event alongside David Ballesteros. This year the event was particularly emotional, as a tribute was done for Javier Novelle – a beloved teacher and main creator of the event who died last year. From here we thank museos científicos coruñeses, EMALCSA and Teatro Colón for their invitation to participate in the event! Students and teachers did a great job and we are look forward to seeing their experiments next year (hopefully outdoors!)


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