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FOL participates in an online transfer event

Kaleido Logistics shared experiences on technology and knowledge transfer with research groups from the University of Vigo

15/04/2021 -

Kaleido Logistics and the  Centro de Investigación Mariña of UVIGO (CIM-UVIGO) organised an online event where they shared experiences about technology and knowledge transfer. The goal was to promote a bridge between research groups form the University of Vigo and private industries from the marine and maritime sectors (e.g. transport, food, fisheries, aquaculture).

After official introductions and talks, research groups established connections with the private industry. FOL as research group of CIM met with the team of Kaleido and Inxenia Consultancy, being a promising opportunity for collaborations between FOL and the fishing industry in the near future.

On DUVI, you can find more information of the event.

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