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Inspiring our future scientists

Smit and Xochitl conducted an outreach event to share FOL research with young students at Divino Salvador School.

25/03/2021 -

As part of our outreach effort of awakening young students’ interest in science, on Monday, March 15th, Xochitl Elías, and Smit V. Caballero visited two classes of 5th-grade students at a local elementary school, Divino Salvador. During the visit, Xochitl and Smit shared their experiences working at the Future Oceans Lab and how their scientific career has been so far. During the gathering, the students had many inquiries ranging from: “How do you become a scientist?” or “What’s like to be one?” to “What would happen with the tides if the moon exploded?”

In addition, Xochitl and Smit read with the students “Una mañana en Tuni-Ontzi”, an educational book, written by Iratxe Rubio, about the implications of climate change in the tuna fisheries. The book is a production of Future Oceans Labs and samples were distributed to the school to educate young children about the impacts of climate change in the marine environment and the need for sustainable fisheries for future generations.

Sharing the morning with the school students and their curious ideas was a very enriching experience, and both Xochitl and Smit hope to have the opportunity again to talk again with, hopefully, more future scientists.

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