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Opportunity: Postdoctoral Position on Fisheries Climate Change Adaptation and Vulnerability in Chile

CEAZA in collaboration with FOL is seeking applications for a 2-year postdoc position within CLAP project

03/03/2021 -

CEAZA is an interdisciplinary research Centre that promotes scientific and technological developments in earth and biological sciences, with a focus on the Central Chile region. CEAZA offers a postdoctoral position for a researcher with a strong interest in working in adaptation to climate change in the coastal communities in Chile, and willing to contribute to cutting edge research questions. Full job details can be found here.

CEAZA is active in oceanography, meteorology, biology, ecology and climate science through developing observational networks and researches based on a wide range of cutting-edge approaches. In the frame of its scientific prospective, CEAZA has dedicated to advancing the understanding of natural climate variability, man-made climate change and their impacts on the marine ecosystems and their services off the coast of Central Chile.

The researcher will be responsible for leading a case study approach on fisheries vulnerability and adaptation to climate change extreme impacts in the region, developed within the new Research Program for Climate Action Planning (CLAP), funded by the Chilean Government. CLAP is a 5-year project that aims at investigating the fisheries vulnerability and adaptation to climate change and variability, including extreme events, in the oceanic region off central Chile. The successful candidate will work with Laura Ramajo (CEAZA) and Elena Ojea (FOL), among other collaborators.

We look forward to reading your applications! Interested candidates please send application materials, following the indications in the PDF to


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