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Jané Salazar rejoins FOL to conduct her Master Thesis

Jane will work on adaptation of fisheries to shifting stocks

21/01/2021 -

Jané Salazar, student of the International Master’s in Marine Biological Resources (IMBRSea) who conducted her professional practice with FOL last summer, is rejoining the team to conduct her Master Thesis with Drs Elena Ojea and Alex Tidd.

She will be expanding on her professional practice – impacts and adaptations of fisheries to shifting stocks – to understand how climate change induced distributional shifts are influenced by biological characteristics of commercial fish species.

Jané has put together a comprehensive database on commercial fish species that have shifted due to climate change and complemented the database with the life history parameters of each species. She will then attempt to correlate these species shifts with their life history traits to identify any synergies between population dynamics and climate change. Understanding what species are shifting and why is a fundamental aim of scientists in order to predict population viability under climate change.

We are delighted to have her back and we hope she enjoys this new research adventure.

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