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A successful internship ends

Marian finishes his work on vulnerability assessments within FutureMARES

21/12/2020 -

After conducting a 10-week internship at the FOL it’s time to say goodbye to Marian Scheffler from the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Germany. During his stay he collaborated with Juan Bueno and Elena Ojea within the FutureMARES project on climate vulnerability assessments in marine systems to identify the most vulnerable marine ecosystem services and dependent livelihoods. On Wednesday 17th December, he held a presentation within the working group on developing and identifying indicators in climate change risk assessments.

His internship has been shaped by one topic in particular: the corona pandemic 2020. But his high adaptive capacity allows him to conduct it successfully. During the internship, with many hours of reading, working and evaluating, he learned a lot about the scientific work in vulnerability and risk assessments, and he was able to present some results last week. All his effort helps the team to move forward on FutureMARES project to understand the inter-relations between climate change impacts and ecosystems and how NBS can increase the adaptation and mitigation of marine ecosystem.

Marian has a huge passion for the oceans and outdoors, and besides his work, he also had the opportunity to get to know and explore the beautiful and highly recommended region of Galicia on the north-west coast of Spain in his camping car. This region is particularly interesting to explore by bike or on the water. Attending to a calm sunset while standing on top of a mountain or surfing some of the most beautiful coasts.

We would like to thank him for involving himself in our scientific activities. We are looking forward to continuing to work on the project with him.

Hopefully we will see each other again in a more peaceful future! Stay healthy and stick together.

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