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Marian Scheffler will conduct an internship for two months at FOL

Marian will be working with Juan and Elena on socio-ecological vulnerability assessments

23/10/2020 -

We are looking forward to welcoming Marian Scheffler at FOL for a 2-month research stay. Marian joins us from the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Germany, where he is studying his Masters’ in Environmental Geography and Management. During his stay he will be collaborating with Juan Bueno and Elena Ojea within FutureMARES project on climate vulnerability assessments in marine systems to identify the most vulnerable marine ecosystem services and dependent livelihoods. He holds a BS in Geography from University of Kiel (2019) with strong emphasis on physio-ecological and social impacts of climate change on coastal areas and communities.

Marian has worked as a research assistant in a working group related to long-term water quality observation in agriculturally used areas for the past 2 years.  His main interests are understanding, evaluating and managing future climate change impacts on coastal areas regarding sea-level rise, rising temperatures and other adjacent consequences of human induced changing climate.

Welcome to FOL Marian!

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