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Instagram photo contest to showcase the beauty and the fragility of Marine Protected Areas

09/10/2020 -

The MPA Engage international project has launched the first edition of ‘4 Pictures 4 Mediterranean’, a photo competition hosted by Instagram that offers participants prestigious prizes and the opportunity to show their work in exhibitions focused on the impacts of climate change. All sea photographers are encouraged, from now till December 31st to participate. “We are looking for pictures that showcase the beauty of the Marine Protected Areas but also their fragility”, says Manuela D’Amen, co-organiser of the photo contest on behalf of Stazione zoologica Anton Dohrn, in Naples.

These precious photographic evidences will allow the organisation of different exhibitions aimed at displaying the marine natural capital, the human impacts on the fragile marine ecosystems and the stories of managers and citizens who get involved to value and protect them.

Using the hashtag #MPAcontest, the photo competition seeks to promote the importance of Marine Protected Areas to fight climate change and other threats deriving from human activities across Mediterranean.

The photo contest invites submissions of pictures taken in any of the Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas in 4 different categories:

  • Natural values”, to include photos that show the beauty and the value of sea biodiversity and of coastal Mediterranean habitats;
  • Impact”, to disclose the effects of climate change on biological, geological, and social aspects (e.g. invasive species, mass mortalities events, algal blooms, coastal erosion, extreme storms);
  • Action”, to explain how people and organisations take action to mitigate, counteract or adapt to consequences of climate change;
  • Old Mediterranean”, to gather old pictures form the grandparents’ drawer for illustrating how much our sea has changed in its both social and natural aspects.

The winners of the four categories will be rewarded with high quality diving gear branded Scubapro or with a Vaquita Paralenz, the underwater camera with extraordinary performance. You can spot a full description of prizes on the following link

The competition is free and open to both professional and amateur photographers. To enter the photo contest, participants should post on their Instagram account one or more photos, accompanied by the hashtag #MPAcontest and the tag @MPAengage by the end of 2020. (Official rules available here)

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