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Working on impacts and adaptation of fisheries to shifting stocks

Jané will present her professional practice experience at IMBRSea online Symposium

30/06/2020 -

Jané Salazar, student of the International Master in Marine Biological Resources (IMBRSea) will be presenting her work and experience with FOL in the annual IMBRSea symposium. During the last two months, Jané was working on a novel database on evidence of shifting stocks for marine commercial species due to climate change with FOL PhD students who developed the database and her supervisors, Elena and Alex. She was enriching the database with the non-climate significant responses (species that have been tested, but their shift is not attributed to climate change) from the original studies, and to update the database with literature to 2020. With this work, the socioeconomic implications to fisheries and the communities that depend on them could be evaluated in order to understand the magnitude of shifts, the location of scientific knowledge, and the impact to fisheries.

The annual IMBRSea’s “Diving into Marine Minds” symposium is very relevant for this Master program. The students from the entire program, first and second year students, meet and interact to exchange experiences and knowledge. They all interact with professors from all participating universities, as well as partners, potential future employers, and the public. It is also where second-year students present their thesis work while first-year students show what they learned during their professional practices. This year, due to the COVID-19 situation, the symposium will be an online version.

For this event, Jané was developing a personal website where she shows the experience gained during her professional practices. She will present her website during the Professional Practice Session 3 on July 2 from 12:30 – 14:00 CET. The online exhibition will be open for general public, and you can join her here.

To see the full schedule of presentations, visit !

Good luck Jané, and enjoy the experience!

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