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The importance of gender in small-scale fisheries

Elena Ojea and Diego Salgueiro evaluate the gender component within IHH project in Spain case study

12/06/2020 -

The Illuminating Hidden Harvest (IHH) project focuses on the contributions of Small Scale Fisheries (SSF) to the four dimensions of sustainable development (social, economic, environmental and governance) at global and local scales. Moreover, it includes a gender analysis in all these components since gender is crosscutting theme in small-scale fisheries. The main idea is to reach not only sex-disaggregated data but also additional details regarding identities to increase knowledge of small-scale fisheries participation and contributions across these dimensions.

Elena Ojea and Diego Salgueiro Otero  together with other gender experts from around the world have sought out scarce sets of sex-disaggregated data for the Illuminating Hidden Harvests initiative, to ensure that both women’s and men’s contributions to small-scale fisheries are known. Thus, Elena and Diego developed new research questions and surveys to contribute to a better understanding of SSF in Spain case study. It is noteworthy to mention that their work allowed to obtain novel gender data on artisanal fisheries of Spain for the first time.

We want to thank Kate Bevitt for shaping the story and the rest of IHH gender theme team led by Drs. Danika Kleiber  and Sarah Harper  for the opportunity to contribute to illuminate gender dimensions of SSF.

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