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“Mediterranean MPAs facing Climate Change” a first MPA-ENGAGE webinar series

Elena Ojea and Francesca Barazzetta presented how to assess climate change vulnerability in Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas

05/06/2020 -

Last week, from the 25th to the 29th of May, Elena Ojea and Francesca Barazzetta hosted 3 on-line lectures about the development of a Social-Ecological Vulnerability Assessment in Marine Protected Areas. The lectures were organised within the framework of the MPA-Engage project and the Vulnerability Assessment lectures represented a section of a three weeks webinar titled “Mediterranean MPAs facing Climate Change”. The course had the aim to teach how to gather the information to develop the basis to implement a climate change adaptation and mitigation action plan.

Elena and Francesca presented the second unit of the webinar, “Assessing climate change vulnerability in Mediterranean MPAs” and it was a real success as between 170 and 190 people from around 30 countries attended. The webinars spanned from the selection of the indicators for the assessment to their measurement and combination. Additionally, a step by step procedure to implement the methodology developed for the Social-Ecological Vulnerability Assessment was introduced. Finally, a full lecture was dedicated to data collection and the implementation of questionnaires for the focused groups and stakeholder active in the Marine Protected Areas.

For more information about Unit 2 of the webinar you can find the webinar video recordings, presentation and supplementary material here.

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