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First series of webinars within MPA-Engage project start next week

The goal of these webinars series is to learn how to face climate change in Marine Protected Areas

13/05/2020 -

MPA-ENGAGE consortia is announcing a series of webinars to help stakeholders of MPAs to develop a climate change adaptation and mitigation action plan.  Participants will be trained on how to track climate change impacts in MPAs, assess their ecological and socio-economic vulnerability and engage local communities in participatory actions.

These webinar series are carried out within the framework of the MPA-ENGAGE project ‘Engaging Mediterranean key actors in Ecosystem Approach to manage Marine Protected Areas (MPA) to face Climate change’. MPA-ENGAGE is an Interreg Med funded project aiming to support MPA managers to adapt to and mitigate the ongoing climate change effects in the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean Sea is one of the areas severely affected by climate change and Marine protected areas (MPAs) represent the pillars of the climate change adaptation strategy.

These webinar series will start in May 18 with a deep training on 11 monitoring protocols, followed by social-ecological vulnerability assessment guidelines, and it will finish with the methodological approaches for setting up a citizen science activity to assess the climate change effects.  Webinars are free but the registration is required, all participants have open access to tools and materials. 

Over the course of three consecutive weeks, the attendees as managers, marine conservation and environment administrations, scientists, experts and practitioners working in MPAs will develop and improve their skills on how to:

  • Monitor in a harmonised way the climate change impacts in MPAs (UNIT 1)
  • Assess the ecological and socio-economic vulnerability of MPAs to climate change (UNIT 2)
  • Engage local communities in citizen science activities (UNIT 3)

Join our webinar series, and register NOW. But, do not worry if you will not be able to follow them, the webinars will be recorded and available online afterwards, we will share the links on our website and social media.

You will find more information about each webinar series at:

We look forward to “seeing” you online.


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