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FOL welcomes Smit Vasquez Caballero to the team

Smit joins FOL to develop bioeconomic models to evaluate the impact of climate change and adaptation

06/02/2020 -

After a competitive selection process for the postdoctoral position on fisheries economics and climate change, Smit V. Caballero had succeeded and joined FOL team this January  within CLOCK project. Smit has completed a Ph.D. in Applied Economics at Oregon State University. As a graduate student, Smit used discrete choice models and simulation methods to characterize the U.S. West Coast salmon fishery. His work includes models of fishery participation and location choice that shows that salmon fishermen respond to area-temporal closures by reallocating across space and available fisheries, such as the Dungeness crab, the albacore tuna, and the groundfish fisheries. His additional work includes a spatially explicit model —accounting for the spatial dynamics of salmon stocks as well as the spatial behavior of the fisherman— that illustrate the benefit of using near real-time and fine spatial and temporal scale information to protect weak salmon stocks while allowing for fishing opportunities for the fishery.

At the Future Oceans Lab, Smit will continue working on fishermen’s behavioral models and bioeconomic models to explore the governance and management conditions that drive fisheries resilience. His experience and his great skills will greatly contribute to FOL mission and the best possible outcome for CLOCK

We are delighted to have Smit as a member in FOL. Welcome Smit!

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