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William Cheung talks about seafood sustainability

William visits us to give a seminar within Campus do Mar on December 3

28/11/2019 -

Next Tuesday, December 3, Professor William Cheung from the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, British Columbia (Canada) will be presenting his work on climate change and sea food sustainability to the Campus do Mar community at the University of Vigo. William’s seminar: “Projecting future seafood sustainability under global change”, describes the basic framework of an integrated assessment model for the ocean, fisheries and aquaculture called Dynamic Integrated Marine Climate, Biodiversity, Fisheries, Aquaculture and Seafood Market Model (DIVERSE) and its applications to project the future of global seafood sustainability.

William, the Scientific Director of the Nippon Foundation-UBC Nereus Program is a renowned scientist who focuses on understanding the responses and vulnerabilities of marine ecosystems and fisheries to global change. His research cuts across multiple disciplines, from oceanography to ecology, economics and social sciences. He is an active member of the international climate and ecosystem services and biodiversity communities, participating as a coordinating author and lead author on the Intergovernmental Panels for Climate Change (IPCC) and for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). His models have been key to understand climate change projected impacts on the oceans, illustrating reports such as AR5 and the SROCC. His current work is looking at the importance of the oceans to provide food supply, and he will giving a seminar on this latest work to our community in Vigo. During his visit to FOL and the University of Vigo, Prof. Cheung and the researchers in FOL will have the chance to discuss current and future collaborations with UBC. We believe having William  here is a great opportunity to all those interested in the future of the oceans, climate change, and food provision from the seas.

We look forward to seeing you all at Miralles Room 01 of the University of Vigo, Vigo Campus,  on Tuesday December 3, 12 pm. We also would like to invite interested attendants to a per-conference coffee at 11:30 am, to meet William. The full announcement of the talk can be found here. The talk will be in english and will be transmitted live through Campus do Mar. For those who follow us remotely, the seminar will be uploaded very soon on our website and social media.

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