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Attending FAO’s Sustainable Fisheries Symposium in Rome

Learning from the diverse views of global experts on fisheries sustainability

22/11/2019 -

Diego Salgueiro-Otero, Juliano Palacios and Elena Ojea are in Rome this week attending the FAO’s International Sustainable Fisheries Symposium to learn what are the best pathways to strengthen global fisheries sustainability and improving its outcomes. The symposium puts together scientists, practitioners, NGO representatives and policy makers from all around the world. Each keynote presentation provides the context for an expert panel discussion, and cover from nutritious seafood supply and sustainable healthy diets, to the future of managed fisheries and tools and priorities for unassessed fisheries, or the joint objective of biodiversity and seafood production frontier.

FOL researchers are taking also part of side events such as the launch of the blue paper “Food from the Sea” by the High level panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy,where Elena Ojea is a contributing author. Diego and Elena are also meeting with colleagues from the Illuminating Hidden Harvest FAO project, where FOL has been coordinating the Spanish case study, together with Gonzalo Macho. In fact, Galician small-scale fisheries have had their space at the FAO event, where a video named “Puntada Invisible” by Fundamar, highlighted the important yet unrecognized role of women net workers (redeiras) in fisheries. You can watch the video here, we congratulate the redeiras for the award given by the Women in the Seafood Industry Association.



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