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Ready to start the Interreg MPA-Engage project in the Mediterranean Sea

FOL will coordinate vulnerability assessments to adapt MPAs to climate change

08/11/2019 -

MPA-Engage is one of the recently approved projects by the Interreg MED programme, in which researchers from 15 institutions of 8 different countries will work together to enhance the role of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) to adapt to climate change.

Climate change represents a seriously threat for the marine ecosystems and its dependent livelihoods around the world.  Direct evidence of climate change is already being observed in the Mediterranean Sea and within MPAs. However, most MPAs lack specific adaptation plans to these impacts, despite the general agreement that MPAs play a key role in climate change adaptation and are important in preserving and enhancing the resilience of biodiversity of the Mediterranean.

To enhance the role of MPAs as nature-based solutions to climate change, MPA-ENGAGE will develop a multi-level approach, building on the success of the project MPA-ADAPT, among others.

Future Oceans Lab guided by Elena Ojea will be in charge of the identification the socio-ecological vulnerability in MPAs and the coordination of vulnerability assessments in the network of MPAs, together with MPA managers. This information will be used to develop specific site-based adaptation plans.

Future  Oceans Lab is looking forward to start the project and contribute to get sustainable future oceans. We want to thank Joaquim Garrabou and the rest of the team for the opportunity to participate in the project and wish everyone a successful adventure.

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