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Alba Aguion is conducting a second research stay at UCSB to work on her bioeconomic model

18/10/2019 -

As part of her PhD, Alba Aguión is constructing a spatial bioeconomic model for the stalked barnacle fishery in Galicia (NW Spain). Last year, she visited the University of Oviedo to work with Antonella Rivera and conducted a 4-month research stay at the University of Santa Barbara California under the supervision of Chris Costello to construct a multi-patch model that, taking into account the economic and biological variables of the fishery, estimates the revenues of spatial and no-spatial policies.

From September 15th Alba is conducting a second research stay at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at UCSB to finish her work on the model. The stay is funded by her FPU-PhD fellowship and it will last until mid December. Alba´s current work is focused on the design of management scenarios that can be tested in the model to provide insights of  the best practices to ensure sustainable resource use now and under climate change. From FOL we thank the Bren School and Chris Costello for hosting Alba and the FPU fellowship for her funding!

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