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FOL welcomes Juliano for his research stay

Juliano Palacios is a PhD candidate on fisheries management at UBC

26/09/2019 -

Juliano Palacios Abrantes is a Ph.D. candidate based at the Changing Ocean Research Unit (CORU) of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He is particularly interested in how climate change impacts fisheries management in Latin America and how to mitigate its socio-ecological implications. His thesis and current work explores how climate change is shifting the known distribution of marine fishes around the world. Specifically, how such shifts are having uncertain feedbacks on marine systems and dependent fishing communities, accentuating sources of conflict over shared marine resources, and highlighting the need for adaptive, collaborative, ecosystem- based management strategies.

For this reason, Juliano will spend the next semester working closely with Dr. Elena Ojea and the other members of  FOL learning from the European Union shared resources management regime. Juliano has strong computational skills that would be sharing with the rest of FOL and the broader community.

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