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Diego Salgueiro finds novel social-ecological insights for climate change adaptation during his stay in the James Cook University

Diego Salgueiro, PhD candidate of Future Oceans Lab, come back after his 3-month research stay in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies.

14/08/2019 -

Diego Salgueiro started in April a research stay of three months in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies of Townsville (Australia), thanks to the financial support of Xunta de Galicia. He was supervised by Michele Barnes, a world-known expert in network science and interdisciplinarity who helped him to better understand the meaning and consequences of Climate Change adaptation in small-scale fisheries by a network approach.

During his stay, Diego took part of the Barnes Lab: Social Dynamics and the Environment research group where he could conduct an innovative research on how social-ecological connectivity and other social and institutional factors explain the different adaptive and transformative decisions among fishers when they face declining fish stocks. His findings contribute much needed insights regarding how relationships between people and ecosystems influence human behaviour in the face of profound ecological change. Also he had the opportunity to share common time and working experiences with The Cinner Research Group on the Human Dimensions of Coral Reefs where he could exchange ideas and learn from different perspectives and from new sources.

As an example of this exchange, Diego gave a seminar for the Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies about his results, main concerns and key aspects he found since he started to focus on Social-Ecological Adaptation.

Already back in Future Oceans Lab again, Diego is ready to communicate his new findings and address the next promising research question of his investigation.

From Future Oceans Lab, we specially thank Michele Barnes for hosting Diego and make his stay a fruitful and inspiring experience.

Welcome back!

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