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The Stockholm Resilience Centre, an international research institute to collaborate on network science in complex systems

FOL member Iratxe is visiting the Stockholm Resilience Centre for a research stay

14/06/2019 -

Iratxe Rubio, PhD student from the Future Oceans Lab, has defined a tropical tuna large-scale fishery as a social-ecological system (SES) and seeks to investigate whether communication between stakeholders is linked to adaptive capacity in the system. In order to tackle this, Iratxe is visiting the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC) for a 2-month research stay until the end of June 2019. She is collaborating with Jacob Hileman, a post-doctoral researcher working on water governance and social-ecological networks.

The SRC is a research institute internationally recognised for its transdisciplinary research on resilience and complex social-ecological systems. Being there and sharing knowledge and ideas with highly qualified researchers is a fantastic opportunity for Iratxe to work on her case study and research about adaptations to climate change in marine social-ecological systems.

From FOL we thank Jacob Hileman and the SRC for hosting Iratxe!

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