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Galician Small-Scale Fisheries system completely covered

Diego Salgueiro Otero complete the sampling for the Galician case study

25/04/2019 -

Diego Salgueiro, PhD candidate of Future Oceans Lab, is studying the adaptation of small-scale fisheries (SSF) in Galician to climate change. It is within this context that Diego investigates on how social-ecological relationships can be understood under different climate change scenarios. For this, FOL has conducted surveys on the Galician SSF system during the last months.

Last summer the research group surveyed the Galician SSF sector, and during last autumn and winter the process was replicated asking to key positions within SSF Guilds in the Galician territory. During the process around 500 questionnaires were collected. Now, the data is going to be analyzed during his  research stay at James Cook University (Asutralia) where he will work with Michele Barnes, expert in network approach and social science, thereby he will be able answer cutting edge research questions.

As the close relation between SSF system and FOL research group, we want to present the results from the questionnaires on autumn 2019 in the public collaborating Fisher guilds and the Galician Fisher Guilds Federation (Federación Galega de Confrarías de Pescadores). These results are expected to provide a comprehensive basis for further inclusive decision-making, policy and management.

Thank you very much to all of those respondents, interviewers and facilitators who collaborate and participate in the project.

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