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Climate velocity expert Jorge Garcia Molinos visits FOL

The visit allows to set a collaboration agenda for future projects

13/03/2019 -

Dr. Jorge García Molinos, assistant professor at the Arctic Research Center, University of Hokkaido (Japan) joined FOL during the last two weeks to develop a collaborative agenda for future projects combining climate impacts in the ocean with adaptation potential of marine resource dependent communities.

We had the chance to invite Jorge to our group and show him the research our PhD students are developing, and went on a trip to visit  the coastal area and fishing guilds, including the auction market of small-scale fishing in Bueu. Jorge also talked about his work on climate change and species distribution shifts in the seminar program of Campus do Mar, and the talk is available on the web. With FOL, Jorge could have a taste of local fisheries and conservation and get to know Galicia and its small-scale fisheries sector first hand. There is similitude with Japan in terms of organization of fishers, since many Japanese artisanal fisheries are managed under spatial property rights similar to shellfish in Galicia, under a co-management system,

Hosting Jorge was a pleasure and a wonderful opportunity for FOL to work directly with him on climate change adaptation. We hope see him soon and continue the collaboration.

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