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Jorge García Molinos talks about marine biodiversity challenges under climate change in Vigo

Jorge visits us from Japan to give a Campus do Mar seminar on February 26th

13/02/2019 -


In two weeks , Professor Jorge Garcia Molinos from the University of Hokkaido (Japan) will be presenting his work on climate change and marine biodiversity to the Campus do Mar community at the University of Vigo.

Jorge’s seminar: “Reorganization of marine biodiversity under climate change: new challenges and opportunities”, will cover how climate change can impact global fisheries and how these changes represent new challenges and opportunities for the conservation of marine biodiversity and ecosystems, searching different management strategies to alleviate the negative impacts of climate change.

Jorge is a renowned scientists with many years of experience in ecological and climate empirical and modelling approaches, based in the Artic Research Center in Japan. He will be giving this seminar during his visit to FOL and the University of Vigo where he will working on future scientific collaborations with CLOCK

We look forward to seeing you all at Miralles Room 01 of the University of Vigo  on Tuesday February 26, 12 pm. The full announcement of Jorge’s talk can be found here. The talk will be in english and will be transmitted live through Campus do Mar. For those who follow us remotely, the seminar will be uploaded very soon on our website and social media.


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