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Flying to Durban for the first IPCC Lead Author Meeting

Elena Ojea goes to South Africa on Friday for a week to intercat with other authors and reviewers

18/01/2019 -

The Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) is launching a work agenda for the next assessment report, with the first Lead Author Meeting taking place in South Africa next week. Elena Ojea is leaving on friday to attend the event, where she will be contributing to the Working Group II, Oceans Chapter. The lead authors of every chapter in the next assessment report are gathering in Durban (South Africa) to go through the planning of the first draft of the report, that is due in June 2019.

Elena Ojea is participating with her expertise in vulnerability and adaptation in marine systems, and will follow the busy agenda of the Technical Support Unit and the Coordinating Authors. We thank the national climate change office from for traveling support and will come back soon with updates on the process.

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