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FOL at the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3)

Elena Ojea and Iratxe Rubio worked together at BC3 to plan new steps in CLOCK

13/12/2018 -

Last November, Elena Ojea visited the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3), where FOL PhD student Iratxe is currently developing her work. The BC3 is a research center that produces multi and trans-disciplinary knowledge on the causes and consequences of climate change, relevant to decision making towards sustainable development at international level. This year, 2018, the center celebrates its tenth anniversary.

Elena went to BC3 with the aim of working with Iratxe towards planning her next PhD objectives on adaptation to climate change in an industrial fishery, as part of the ERC CLOCK project. For her first PhD objective, Iratxe has been tackling the impacts of climate change on purse seine fisheries targeting tropical tunas in the Atlantic Ocean. After that, she is preparing a consultation approach to study adaptation to climate change in that industrial purse seine fishery. She is going to interview stakeholders to understand all the social-ecological dimensions and interactions of the case study, following Ostrom’s SES approach and recent network theories.

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