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Future Oceans Lab invited to share its scientific knowledge on board of INTERMARES

Diego Salgueiro Otero, talks in the INTERMARES about Climate change, impacts and adaptations of fisheries around the world

08/11/2018 -

The INTERMARES ship keeps its goal of teaching along the coastal countries about the importance and consequences of sustainable fishing. The cooperative mission of this vessel reached many countries around world before arriving Vigo last week, and it will keeping travelling along Spanish and African coast until the end of the year. In every port it stops, topics on efficiency fishing, sustainable marine resource management, the essential role of international and collaborative science and fieldwork scientific explorations will be covered awakening students interest in the sustainability of our planet.

Future Oceans Lab took advance of the arrival of INTERMARES at the Port of Vigo and Diego Salgueiro Otero, FOL member, shared time with diverse audience to talk about the cross-cutting science which FOL conduct linking climate change, impacts, vulnerability assessments and adaptation of fisheries around the world.

During the session in the ship, Diego shared board with Jesús Troncoso and Mariano Lastra, both senior researchers of University of Vigo and members of CIM who talked about their experience in the Antarctic as researchers and fieldwork.

At the end of the event, a deep discussion arose pointing out how must policy sphere addresses the climate change and social justice by including scientific knowledge in fisheries guidelines and understanding the role of science and the social-ecological implications.

INTERMARES is still on the Port of Vigo with many other interesting talks, so, let´s come to learn!


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