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Diego’s PhD research enters the third year with a rich and diverse background

Adaptation to climate change in small-scale fisheries research, a second year with multiple outcomes

26/10/2018 -

Diego Salgueiro, member of Future Oceans Lab starts his third year as PhD student leaving behind a completed second year full of challenges and advances in his research. During this time, Diego lead the second edition of Future Oceans Around, took part as a participant in the Candieira Project, joined the stakeholders meeting for INTEMARES project, explored Cambodian situation as a trainer in the DOCKSIDE Project, together with many other events, including seminars, workshops and courses.  He got the approval from his advisory committee board, formed by Sebastian Villasante (Santiago de Compostela University) and Orjan Boding (Stockholm Resilience Centre) as well as her PhD supervisor Elena Ojea (FOL, Vigo University). This success in the annual assessment allows him to keep working and communicating new and necessary insights from interdisciplinary perspective to reach sustainability.

During the advisory meeting, Diego presented his progress for year two, his main difficulties, the tasks achieved, the methods applied and the following steps which will drive him into a deeper knowledge about adaptation and climate change in small-scale fisheries systems. The committee members provided useful advice for Diego`s research and specific mentions from where interesting scientific discussions can begin.

Congratulations Diego for this second year round, and good luck for this third year!

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