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FOL team is in Cambodia teaching on a Summer School

Team members develop one of the workshops on research capacity and resource management

10/10/2018 -

Dockside is a cooperation project between European and Cambodian Universities to develop research capacity and joint collaborations. As part of the project, FOL members Diego Salgueiro and Elena Ojea are in Cambodia to conduct a one-week workshop on Resource management under climate change and biodiversity loss, with the help of Laura Movilla, from the University of Vigo. Cambodian and European master and undergrad students attended our workshops and acquired knowledge and skills for developing a research proposal on resource management.

The workshop runs in parallel with other three workshops lead by the University of Nantes, the University of Southern Denmark and UBB and RUA from Cambodia. In our session, students worked on two proposals that covered international law and complex social ecological systems. As a result they put together a research proposal that they defended at the end of the week, that included research objectives, methods and stakeholder engagement and that served as a introduction to conducting collaborative research. We are very happy with the experience and we are thankful to the students that participated in our group as well as to the organizers from UVigo and Dockside.

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