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News about Iratxe´s PhD research on tropical tuna fisheries and climate change

FOL PhD student Iratxe Rubio's second advisory committee from DoMar programme

29/08/2018 -

As part of Campus do Mar doctoral programme DoMar, FOL member Iratxe Rubio has conducted her second advisory boar meeting, with Dr. Alistair Hobday from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO, Australia), Dr. Francisco Saborido Rey from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC, Spain), and her supervisor Elena Ojea (University of Vigo).

During the meeting, Iratxe presented her progress, the tasks achieved during the first year of research and the timing for the next steps of her thesis. She presented her work for the first PhD article,where she analyzes whether there is evidence of climate change impacting the catch distribution of tropical tuna fisheries in the East Atlantic Ocean. In this work, she also looks at the role of institutional and technological actions in the catch distribution. This work was also presented at the ECCWO Climate change Symposia last June in Washington DC. The committee members provided useful advice for Iratxe´s research and it was a great opportunity to exchange ideas with these great scientists.

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