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Future Oceans Lab runs the widest social-ecological survey in Galician small-scale fisheries

FOL fieldwork team samples fishing communities and their territory this summer

22/08/2018 -

During this summer, FOL carried out a social survey at the Galician small-scale fisheries (SSF) communities with the objective of understanding adaptation to climate change from a social-ecological approach. This goal, included in CLOCK project is also part of the doctoral research of Diego Salgueiro, FOL member.

Last spring, a preliminary questionnaire designed by Elena Ojea and Diego Salgueiro was tested in different fisher guilds in two evaluative sessions conducting focus groups.  Once the final questionnaire was perfected and entirely designed, it has been applied to the Galician SSF sector by a specialised workfield team. This work-field team is formed by Luz Eva Fernández, Ángela Hernández, Gema Martínez, Laura Oubiña and Carlos Pereira. This team of field researchers resulted from a highly competitive selection process at the beginning of summer.

During one month, these 5 experts spread across 9 fisher guilds along Galician coastline, and worked in cooperation and with the remote coordinated  by the FOL group. The team, moving adaptively from one community to another, met the perspectives, local contexts, main needs and territory of the fisheries sector as well as their rich ecological and social diversity. All this information translated into a 400 surveys data that will let the FOL research group understand the current status of SSF and its potential behaviour under climate change.

FOL appreciates and highly thanks the fisheries sector and its professionals that make easier and more pleasant the field process. We would like to specially thank  the Federación Galega de Confrarías de Pescadores, and the support that its direction, with Tomás Fajardo, gave us from the beggining of the process. Also thanks to the Regional Government of Galicia, and people from the DX Desenvolvemento Pesqueiro like Edgar no Couto, for contributing with information. We are very happy of the involvement of every  participating fisher guild and their working members. Also many thanks and congratulations to the fieldwork team who took part on the project and bravely reached the objective in spite of the increasing difficulties. Thank you all!

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