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Diego Salgueiro awarded the Xunta de Galicia PhD fellowship

FOL PhD student has been awarded with a three-years doctoral fellowship to keep his novel research moving on

14/06/2018 -

FOL PhD student, Diego Salgueiro, was awarded by the Galician government for a three-year doctoral fellowship to develop his research on adaptation of small-scale fisheries.

The Galician government offers annually around 100 PhD fellowships split in two modalities. Although one of these modalities is for ensuring the inclusion of all areas of knowledge, the other modality is for researchers who follow the line of challenges framed in the intelligent specialization strategy of Galicia RIS3 with special mentoring. The objective of these scholarships is oriented to train researchers as doctors in Galician centers tackling specific target points as: 1) new natural and cultural resource management model based on innovation, 2) new industrial model based on knowledge and 3) new model for a health life based on the active aging population.

With his work, Diego mainly focused on the first goal with his research on adaptation of social-ecological systems to climate change guided by his supervisor Elena Ojea. The fellowship also supports him a research stay in a high-research institution around the world to address his proposal.

As he did in his master thesis, the final goal of his PhD research is to provide enriching knowledge and suitable tools to the decision-makers and the whole citizens to endorse and enhance sustainable relations between humans and the environment at short and long run.

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